Welcome to our Institute "LERA"

We recognizes the value of each child in God’s Kingdom and the importance of challenging the child’s mind through academy programs and creative activities. As partners with parents, we are committed to developing each child’s understanding and awareness emotionally, physically & mentally. This is a perfect mix that helps us develop tech-savvy products to satisfy your children’s needs at different ages. We are inspired by the idea that kids know best how to learn. The most important task for us is to spark their curiosity and support their endless passion for discovery.

Together, we believe that the best in each of us empowers all of us. We are proud of every single member of the team. We work on the principle as STEAM (Science, Teacher, Engineering, Art, Mathematics). At the moment our learning box has a vibrant portfolio such as Robotics Kit, Abacus Instrument, Art & Craft, Calligraphy Kit, for all types of kids from 2 to 20, and we won’t stop doing our best to keep your little learners happy.


We are a team of like-minded people. All of us are highly experienced, and many of us are parents.

Better Future

Early education should not be a privilege of few but a right for all.


we offer a unique program that encourages children to be open-minded, creative thinkers who are intrinsically motivated and who will continue to ask questions and seek knowledge as they grow and mature.


We are building a foundation to become a fully STEAM classes everyday to our daily schedule


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We provide support and training in the use of our assessments

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