As a primary visual language, essential for communication and expression, drawing is as important as the development of written and verbal skills. The three classical branches of art are painting, sculpture and architecture. Sure we have millions of prints in a wide variety of styles. And we can help you browse by genre, by subject, by color, you name it. But what we really love is finding art that’s right for you. Create the gallery of your dreams with custom framing, canvas and mounting options. It's your art, your way.

Ignite your passion for art, learning how to draw and paint. We believe that small classes are best for teaching art and encouraging you to explore your creativity. Get inspired by others in your class, learn to use different media like graphite pencil, charcoal, soft and oil pastels, ink, watercolor, acrylic and mixed media and be ready to create the extraordinary! You do not need to have any previous instruction or experience to come to Art+Academy. We will take you to the next skill level wether you are a beginner who can only draw stick figures or an advanced student wanting to learn a new medium or technique.


Some art classes are attached to schools, both normal public schools as well as art-specific schools, and run as afterschool programs. Others are run from community art centres that provide art lessons to different age groups, usually as a not-for-profit set up, with reduced fees. And some classes are run as private businesses by formally qualified teachers and artists. These range from informal sessions held out of an artists own home, to large purpose-built studios set up as an art school.

Kids will spend a few hours learning basic concepts of science and technology every day. Improve social skills in a classroom environment.

A art & craft workshop for kids can have multiple options to opt out :

  • Art & Craft School Classes
  • Art & Craft School Holiday Programs for Kids
  • Art & Craft Birthday Parties for Kids.
  • Run Your Own’ Art & Craft Studio
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